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2021 Outstanding Collaboration Honoree: Cedars-Sinai / Dignity Health Southern California / UCLA Health / Providence / Keck Medicine of USC


Five prominent, highly competitive healthcare systems serving the Los Angeles region – Cedars-Sinai, Dignity Health Southern California, Keck Medicine of USC, Providence and UCLA Health – have been united 16 months with the online presence of Better Together. Health to jointly participate in a massive public service educational campaign. Spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign encourages community members to put health first and access care when needed, followed by initiatives that promote masking, staying safe, and now a new multi-channel campaign urging consumers to not delay critical, timely screenings that save lives.

Throughout the pandemic, and continuing through this current period of virus variants and vaccine hesitancy, these healthcare systems have seen patients avoiding proactive care and getting diagnosed with advanced stage diseases, especially cancer. Recent data show that 92% of all Americans put off screenings, doctor visits and preventive care last year—with devastating results.

Viewing this as a silent “sub-epidemic,” the five health systems banded together to tackle head-on what could become, if not curbed immediately, the next public health crisis with serious and avoidable health consequences. These leading health systems continue to be joined in this common purpose, believing it is their duty to reach out and let people know they are open and committed to maintaining the health of the communities they serve – and saving lives.

Among issues the educational campaign addresses are the continuing concerns by health professionals that many people are not seeking medical advice and assistance when critical to do so.

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