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2017 CFO Awards Finalist: Lyle Honig, Aids Healthcare Foundation


Lyle Honig, AHF

Lyle Honig was first introduced to AHF by way of his consulting background with Arthur Andersen’s Los Angeles office. From here, he steadily climbed in ranks with increasing responsibilities until his current role of CFO. Today, Honig is responsible for day-to-day management of AHF’s finance and accounting functions, including reporting, planning and analysis. He is involved in the organization’s complex risk management programs, which includes compliance that spans global operations and its own Medicare managed care organization. Honig has seen AHF grow from being a local organization to truly being a global entity with a vast footprint and a large area of responsibility (AHF has served thirty-nine countries and over 750,000 patients in care). He’s an active team player who is involved in compliance with local, federal, and international affairs. With respect to risk management, he has overseen progressive and complex arrangements.

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