Long-term perspective. Like a farmer contemplating previous generations who tended the farm and the generations who will come after, the good steward’s perspective is a long-term perspective. The good steward, in any business, favors building lasting value over short-term gain because he or she is seeking to position the business for success even after his or her temporary stewardship has ended.

Responsibility. Owners generally owe no duty to the thing they own – they can use it and discard it as they see fit. Good stewards, on the other hand, feel a deep sense of responsibility to dutifully tend to the resources given to them.

Helping the Enterprise Thrive. Stewardship doesn’t mean squirrelling away resources to maintain the status quo. Just as farmers strive to leave their farms and communities in a better place, good stewards of businesses also want to help all around them thrive. Stewardship is what my father passed on to my siblings and I as fourth generation owners of a family business. His perspective as a steward is what gave him deep appreciation for the contribution of generations prior to him, and a feeling of responsibility to the company and to the family to help them thrive long into the future. This is also what allowed him to grow what was then a small bank in rural Missouri to a large organization spanning several states. While we now have offices in places like Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, our farming roots and striving to be good stewards, are never far from our hearts.

Continuing its fourth generation of family ownership, Michael Dierberg serves as Chairman of the Board at FB Corporation, the holding company of First Bank. Succeeding his father, Michael embodies the core values of First Bank.

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