Snap Inc. had acquisition talks with AdRoll, NationBuilder’s clients include Trump’s campaign and French President Macron, and SpaceX seeks government funds for deep space exploration.

Snap Inc. Had Acquisition Talks with AdRoll

Snapchat is shopping for ad tech companies to help bolster its appeal to marketers and that process led the company to have acquisition talks with AdRoll, though the talks never materialized into an offer, reports Business Insider. The company’s main targets are startups in the marketing tech and ad tech sectors.

NationBuilder’s Clients Include Trump’s Campaign and French President Macron

NationBuilder’s client list has grown to include French President Emmanuel Macron as well as President Trump’s campaign, reports VentureBeat. The company’s grass-roots organizing platform was used by about 40 percent of all contested elections at the state and national level in the U.S., according to the firm.

SpaceX Seeks Government Funds for Deep Space Exploration

SpaceX formally called upon the U.S. government on Thursday to support public-private partnerships in deep space, reports Ars Technica. "The principles applied in past programs for low Earth orbit capability can and should be applied to deep space exploration," said Tim Hughes, SpaceX's senior vice president for global business and government affairs.

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