The Online Campaign Ratings technology developed by Nielsen and used by Evolve is one such tool. Its mobile measurement feature will be active early this summer. Evolve is integrating OCR into its Springboard Video platform, which already tracks a variety of valuable data, such as geographic information and whether a video was played from a Web page or social media post.

Blurring lines

Another distinction between content seen on broadcast television and online is the deepening involvement by advertisers in the creation of material for digital platforms.

For Woven and other publishers, video appearing on their sites generally takes two forms. Branded videos are paid for by advertisers and developed with varying amounts of input from a publisher’s marketing team. These videos, typically located on brand-specific pages, generally run free of advertising.

The second type features original content developed by the publisher to run on editorial pages with ads at the beginning, end and sometimes in the middle of the video.

Woven and Evolve even own production studios where marketers can record the ads that wind up on their sites.

Chris Rooke, senior vice president of strategy and operations at Long Beach native advertising firm Nativo, agreed that video is driving revenue increases across the Web, particularly when it’s accessed on editorial sites such as those offered by Woven and Evolve and surrounded by other forms of native advertising, including images, related lists and perhaps even an article.

Rooke said Nativo licenses its native advertising platform to Woven.

“The conversation has become somewhat layered,” he said, noting that marketers are beginning to think more like publishers in that they’re concerned with the way campaigns are packaged.

“Margins are higher, price points are higher, performance is higher,” he said.