When concrete pourers start rolling into downtown L.A. Saturday to participate in the record-setting 21,200 cubic yard concrete pour at the Wilshire Grand construction site, an app will be used to make things run smoothly.

It’s an example of how local construction is using high technology to make operations more efficient. About 100 project managers, from the concrete suppliers and architecture firm AC Martin Partners, will be using Orange County’s Truckast. The app shows the operation’s plans, the location of each of the 200-some concrete trucks and if the pour is going at a timely manner.

“If you think in terms of how concrete pours are done typically, it's with lots and lots of phone calls,” said Todd Davis, chief executive of Truckast. However, with the app, “all that disappears and information is available real time on any mobile device. All the vital information is available to every single person in the supply chain.”

He said the app costs about $20 a month per user.