Maker Studios has released new analytics software that aims to give its clients better insight into how their videos are spreading.

Maker Max, which is available for all people in Maker's network, displays real time information about a video's views, the average time a viewer spends watching a video and which social networks are driving traffic to a video.

These pieces of data are not normally provided by YouTube and, according to Maker chief Ynon Kriez, are the kinds of insights a video maker needs to be a professional online creator. More to the point, he hopes, it's a reason the creators need to be with Maker Studios.

"Technology is the core of everything we do, allowing us to empower the global creator community to maximize online reach and monetization," Kreiz said in a release. "Creators will use Maker Max to drive programming and marketing decisions, lower the cost of user acquisition, drive tune-in and grow their business."

The company is not the first of the L.A.-based YouTube networks to provide in-house software to its clients. Fellow Culver City firm Fullscreen has also developed a so-called "analytics dashboard" that tracks data and offers insights into a video's performance.

Even with these new services, the driving pitch Maker and its ilk offer to video creators is the chance to partner with a big company that can promote a channel, strike up branding deals, and goose other revenue sources.

But software such as that offered by Maker Max is part of a push to broaden a network's appeal beyond a guarantee of higher revenue from video ads. The networks once promised talent ad rates higher than what YouTube would normally offer – a promise that backfired as the overall market of video ads continues to lag.

"Maker is rooted in supporting talent by offering them the best resources to address their needs, and these new technology products are an extension of that," Ryan Lissack, chief technology officer at Maker Studios, said in a release.