The National Football League has lost interest in the current plan to bring a team to downtown Los Angeles, Yahoo Sports reports.

One anonymous source said the league has rejected a deal with L.A. sports and entertainment giant Anschutz Entertainment Group, which proposed building a stadium downtown, because the economics don’t make sense.

“The numbers just don’t work, no matter how you look at the deal,” the unnamed league source told Yahoo Sports in February. “It’s either too hard for AEG to make money or too hard for the team. I just can’t see a way for it to work.”

Michael Roth, AEG spokesman, said the company declined to comment on a story that quotes unnamed sources.

“We continue our efforts to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles,” he said.

AEG, which owns stadiums, sports teams and other entertainment properties in Los Angeles and around the world, is for sale and is considering bidders.

The NFL has reportedly told league owners that no teams would move to Los Angeles for the 2013 season.