Since launching in September, Tinder has become a popular app for those looking to make a romantic connection. But the unattached have been limited to only meeting people who own iPhones.

Tinder on Tuesday announced that Android users can now find love through the app.

"We're excited to finally introduce ourselves to a very large segment of the population that hasn't had the opportunity to experience Tinder yet," Tinder co-founder and Chief Executive Sean Rad said in a statement.

Tinder syncs with Facebook to create user profiles. It then shows people photos of potential matches that are organized by proximity, common interests and mutual friends. People accept or reject each potential match. Then, when two people indicate their interest, the app gives them the option of messaging each other.

Tinder was incubated through IAC-run Hatch Labs in West Hollywood. To date, IAC is the company's sole investor.

In less than a year, the app has facilitated more than 7 billion profile ratings and more than 100 million matches between users. Moving onto the Android platform, which has about 70 percent of the mobile phone market share, is a logical next step for Tinder as it looks to continue growing.

"We have been experiencing an unbelievable growth trajectory in the U.S. since Tinder's inception and have managed to reach a significant chunk of iPhone users within our target market," Justin Mateen, co-founder and chief marketing officer, said in a statement. "As we shift our focus to international growth, it only makes sense to launch Tinder for Android."