Women’s Leadership Series & Awards 2nd Panel Series


With the goal of continuing to engage, inform, educate and inspire, this week’s panelists covered topics of ongoing importance from establishing organizational inclusion and achieving an effective work/life balance, to leading through change.

Many thanks to our outstanding participating panelists, who are listed here and to the sponsors who made the event possible.

Webinar Polling Results:


Organizational Inclusion


Janki Lalani Gandhi
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs

“Identify personal strengths early in your career and seek opportunities to leverage them – you will evolve, but do not let others fundamentally change who you are. Always be humble yet confident, and rise above.”


James D. Kelly
Partner and Co-Chair of Washington, D.C. Office
Co-Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Blank Rome LLP

“The best way for me to move the DEI needle is to leverage my experience, position and platform to create pathways, provide access, present opportunities, and foster equity.”


Audrey McLoghlin
Founder & CEO
Frank & Eileen; Grayson

“Women are changing the world. But we need a lot more women in leadership roles to get us to a tipping point where we will reach a natural equity in leadership. Men have had the boys’ club for centuries. As women, we can’t change the status quo alone—we have to lean in to help one another and lift each other up.”


Stacy D. Phillips
Blank Rome LLP

“We will have achieved women’s equality when there is no longer a need for women’s initiatives or women’s events – only ‘initiatives’ and ‘events.’”


Eula Smith
Creator & Owner
EMS Consulting

“It is an exciting time for black women-owned businesses to get the attention and assistance that is so long overdue. And the support that is out in the market, from clients to funding, is finally showing up in a big way!”

Work Life Balance


Misty De Lamare
Director of Communications
L.A. Care Health Plan

“Self-care has been key during the pandemic and something to maintain as we hopefully start returning to a normal life. You can’t properly take care of your team or your family if you haven’t been taking care of yourself.”


Lynn Jochim
Chief Operating Officer
FivePoint Holdings, LLC

“I’ve been fortunate – especially with how we’ve been building communities to integrate my family with the job. I’ve had my daughters with me when we’ve opened schools and affordable housing communities. They have tested a lot of our parks and they’ve shared their ideas. So they have a sense of being a part of what we’re doing.”


Patty Juarez
National Diverse Segment Leader
Wells Fargo

“The pursuit of work/life balance is an exhausting one to chase but can be obtained by simply asking yourself what is your purpose.”


Jackie Keller
Founding Director
NutriFit, LLC, SimpliHealth LLC, TxokoUSA
Board of Directors
Foundation of the Womens’ Presidents Organization

“Consider the possibilities that arise when you allow hope and inspiration to propel your efforts, and when you discover resources that contribute to the certainty of achieving your dreams.”


Dr. Michele Nealon
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“Women are often disproportionally burdened in the workplace and at home. Taking care to find work/life balance is essential. Not doing so could compromise both our emotional and physical health.”

Leading Through Change


Leslie Chang
Executive Director
UBS Financial Services Inc.

“Successful leaders are not only able to help their teams adapt to sudden and unexpected deviations from the norm but inspire confidence to see change as an opportunity to grow and embrace new situations.”


Julie Gerchik
Litigation Partner
Glaser Weil, LLP

“I became a lawyer because I believe passionately in the pursuit of justice. Whether championing my clients’ rights in business, real estate, or entertainment litigation, or standing up as an ally in the diversity, inclusion, and equity space, I am a zealous advocate for my cause and I love every minute of it.”


Jennifer Martinez
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
Hanson Bridgett LLP

“As a Latina who has risen through the ranks of the legal industry, I know firsthand how important it is to actually feel supported by your colleagues and properly equipped by your firm to succeed from day one. It takes a village to raise a successful lawyer. This is even more vital for racially diverse attorneys. They need to see people that look like them in leadership, and they need to know they are seen, heard, and valued at the table just like everyone else.”


Denise Pines
CEO & Founder
Tea Botanics, WisePause

“Changing a culture can take anywhere from months to several years. It really depends on accessing the true gap between the culture you have and the culture you need to have.”

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