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USC Launches Degree in Real Estate Development

USC has launched a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development, the university announced Tuesday. The program, which comes 30 years after the school launched the Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development graduate program, already has over 80 students enrolled.

“This undergraduate program reaffirms our commitment to educating the next generation of leaders in the real estate industry,” said USC Price Dean Jack H. Knott in a statement. “With this degree, our goal is to produce students who understand the changing landscape of real estate and who are prepared to make an immediate contribution on their first day in the workforce.”

Sonia Savoulian, associate director for Price School programs in real estate, said she believed students from both programs could collaborate once they enter the workforce.

“Dollinger MRED graduates are going to go into the workforce and regularly need to hire young analysts,” Savoulian said in a statement. “We want to integrate student activity between the bachelor of science and master’s programs to begin building those relationships.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the university said that the undergraduate degree incorporates courses on real estate fundamentals, the development process, market analysis, finance and investment, the history of cities, and designing livable communities.

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