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No-Surprise Study: L.A.’s Traffic Bottlenecks Are Worst

Since about 42 million Americans are expected to hit the road this Thanksgiving, according to AAA, there are some local bottlenecks – among the worst in the country – travelers may want to avoid.

Six of the worst 10 traffic bottlenecks are in Los Angeles, according to a new report issued by the American Highway Users Alliance in Washington, D.C.

While the worst bottleneck in the United States is in Chicago, the study says Los Angeles still beats other cities nationwide, according to the alliance’s chief executive, Greg Cohen.

“If you cumulatively look at all of them together, L.A. has the worst bottlenecks in the country,” Cohen said. “Part of that is that people love Los Angeles and want to live there.”

The worst local offenders: the 405 Freeway between State Route 22 and the 605 Freeway (which was the 2nd worst in the country); the 10 Freeway between Santa Fe Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard (the 3rd worst); the 405 Freeway between Venice Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard (4th); the 101 freeway between Franklin Avenue and Glendale Boulevard (5th); the 110 freeway between Exposition Boulevard and Stadium Way (the 6th worst) and the 101 freeway between Sepulveda Boulevard and Laurel Canyon Boulevard (the 7th worst).

Also making the list: The 5 Freeway and the 10 Freeway, known to most people as the East Los Angeles interchange, between North Mission Road and the 101 Freeway (the 11th worst), the 10 Freeway between La Brea Avenue and National Boulevard (13th), the 5 Freeway between South Eastern Ave and Euclid Avenue (14th), the 405 Freeway between Burbank Boulevard and Ventura Boulevard (29th) and the 101 Freeway between 110 Freeway and Alameda Street (30th).

The complete report is available on the American Highway Users Alliance’s website.

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