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More TV Shows Keen on California Tax Credits

A slew of new TV shows is set to film in Los Angeles.

Included among them is established ABC series “Mistresses,” which has decided to ditch Vancouver for its upcoming fourth season, becoming one of 11 shows approved by the California Film Commission to take advantage of expanded film and television tax credits.

A total of 32 shows applied to take advantage of the $42 million in available credits during this round.

HBO’s “Veep” and Fox’s “American Horror Story” have already announced they will be heading to L.A. from out of state.

The other new shows to receive approval include recently launched CBS drama series “Code Black,” Fox’s “Rosewood” and campy SyFy TV movie “Sharknado 4.” The 11 series will generate an estimated $254 million in direct in-state spending, including $103 million in wages for below-the-line crew members.

“The expanded tax credit program is working exactly as intended,” said California Film Commission Executive Director Amy Lemisch, in a statement. “It’s making California more competitive for the high-impact TV projects that provide long-term jobs for cast and crew members, while boosting spending at support vendors and service providers.”

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the five-year program into law in 2014, which allocates $330 million in tax credits each year. The bill is designed to stem the tide of film and TV projects moving out of state due to cheaper production costs.


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