Port Traffic Strong at Long Beach, Slower in L.A.


Cargo volume at the Port of Long Beach surged 16 percent in August compared to the same month last year, hitting six-year high. Traffic through the Port of Los Angeles was not as robust, rising a scant 0.4 percent.

More than 630,000 containers moved through the Port of Long Beach in August, according to figures released Monday. Imports were up 19.2 percent and exports up 20.2 percent over the year-earlier period. The number of containers sent overseas empty to be refilled with goods increased 5.8 percent in August.

August was its busiest month for the Port of Long Beach since October 2007. Lee Peterson, spokesman for the port, said larger ships had been calling more often in the last a few months as a result of the rebounding economy.

While cargo volume at the Port of Los Angeles remained above 700,000 containers, imports were down 1.4 percent from the same month a year ago. Exports edged downward by 3.8 percent. The number of empties being sent out of the port increased nearly 8 percent.

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