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RealDefense Eyes Further Acquisitions

RealDefense, a Pasadena-based developer of privacy, security and optimization software and services, raised $30 million in its fourth financing round.

The financing was led by Denver-based Sunflower Bank N.A. The money will allow RealDefense to compete for more acquisitions in the privacy and cybersecurity technology sectors, similar to its recent acquisitions of STOPzilla and iolo technologies. Within the last few months, RealDefense has completed four acquisitions in the software industry.

Gary Guseinov, chief executive of RealDefense, said in an accompanying statement that the company would keep seeking out appropriate acquisition candidates that fit the company’s M&A model, “where we can help to improve unit economics, increase average order value and lifetime customer value, and reduce customer acquisition costs.”

In an email statement to the Business Journal, a spokesperson for RealDefense said the group is “looking to acquire companies that are complementary to our business model, hire software engineers and marketing professionals, as well as engage various marketing agencies.”

RealDefense is based in Pasadena.

“Concerns about online privacy and theft of digital assets have created a global opportunity for new security solutions and services to bring to our 1+ million customer base. This fresh round of funding will accelerate our M&A program by allowing us to act quickly on new opportunities,” said Guseinov.

RealDefense has raised a total of $50 million in four funding transactions to date. Led by Guseinov and President Sean Whiteley, the company focuses on privacy, cybersecurity and performance optimization software for PC, Mac and mobile devices, which it markets to consumers and small businesses through its distribution network.

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