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Snapchat Grows, Gets Hit With Spam

Talk about bad timing.

Many people who use photo messaging app Snapchat on Tuesday woke up to a spam message, the same day that Evan Spiegel, the Venice company’s co-founder and chief executive, was in New York to promote the app at a mobile conference.

Spiegel informed Snapchat users of the spam through a blog post early Tuesday morning.

“Upon initial investigation, it appears that an individual created multiple accounts and sent snaps to Snapchatters with public accounts,” Spiegel wrote.

Snapchatters took to Twitter to complain about the spam. From their tweets, it appears that users were sent a nude photo from an unrecognizable account.

To stop the spam, the company blocked people from creating new accounts. And it blocked people from receiving photos from anyone they had not added as a friend through the app.

“Spam is a problem on many services with large audiences,” Spiegel continued. “We know spammers totally suck and we’re working on a long term solution to prevent spam from entering your feed.”

Spiegel was likely blogging from New York, where he was speaking at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference hosted by tech blog AllThingsD. During his interview, Spiegel announced that Snapchat’s volume is now more than 150 million photos per day.

Spiegel also addressed concerns that the app is primarily used for sending nude photos.

“Obviously with 150 million images a day, it’s certainly possible … that some of them have people without clothes on,” he said. “But I certainly don’t think that’s the way the service is used typically.”


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