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Silicon Beach Report Sept. 13: AeroVironment Antennae Extends Range of Drones

AeroVironment antennae extends range of drones, JibJab launches camera sticker app and personalized cartoons with NFL and Happy Returns raises $4 million.

AeroVironment Antennae Extends Range of Drones

AeroVironment Inc. has released a new, long-range tracking antenna for its Puma drone system, reports the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. The new antennae will expand Puma’s range to about 37 miles, compared to its previous range of about 12.5 miles.

JibJab Launches Camera Sticker App and Personalized Cartoons with NFL

JibJab launched a camera sticker app and partnership with the NFL to create cartoon football players, reports Sport Techie. On Thursday night football games fans can have their face overlaid onto moving cartoon football players.

Happy Returns Raises $4 Million

Happy Returns raised a $4 million round to further expand its network of product return points inside malls and mom-and-pop stores, reports Recode. The company has struck deals with several mall companies, such as Simon and Westfield, to accept returns at existing guest services counters or to rent out space for a Happy Returns return desk in their shopping centers.

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