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Silicon Beach Report Sept. 11: Elon Musk Reveals Complete SpaceX Spacesuit

Elon Musk reveals complete SpaceX spacesuit, The Guardian leaves Rubicon Project for OpenX and Wolfcom introduces new police camera.

Elon Musk Reveals Complete SpaceX Spacesuit

Elon Musk revealed the complete SpaceX spacesuit on his Instagram account, reports CNBC. Last month, Musk revealed the upper part of the suit and explained that his company had difficulty balancing the look of the suit with its function.

The Guardian Leaves Rubicon Project for OpenX

The Guardian newspaper announced on Monday that it had changed its advertising exchange from Rubicon Project of Playa Vista to OpenX of Pasadena, according to a press release. The Guardian sued Rubicon Project in March, alleging the ad tech firm siphoned undisclosed fees from programmatic advertising buys across its site.

Wolfcom Introduces New Police Camera

Wolfcom introduced its Venture camera on Monday, a wearable 4-in-1 high-definition camera, according to a press release. Venture features a rotatable camera head and a multi-functional, clippable design so it can be used as a body cam, a mountable car cam, a flashlight cam with four bright LEDs and a livestream camera.

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