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Silicon Beach Report June 28: California Data Privacy Bill Signed Into Law

Data privacy law signed; Fitplan raises $4.7 million; stunt robots come to Disneyland

California Data Privacy Bill Signed Into Law

Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 375, also called The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, into law Thursday afternoon just hours after the Senate and Assembly unanimously voted to approve it. The bill will allow consumers to elect not to have their data sold by tech companies to ad agencies, as well as require major companies to disclose the data they collect from consumers. The landmark legislation is one of the strictest data privacy laws in the country, and was vocally and financially opposed by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber and several other tech giants.

Fitplan Raises $4.7 Million

Mobile workout app Fitplan Technologies Inc. acquired $4.7 million in its latest funding round, Socal Tech reports. Funding was led by Bullpen Capital, Advanceit Financial Corp., and Lerer Hippeau Ventures Management. The app’s workouts, which it matches with consumers, are developed by celebrities and “influential fitness personalities.”

Disneyland Creates Robotic Stunt Doubles

The Walt Disney Co. will soon begin using animatronic robots that can perform stunts in their Disneyland parks, TechCrunch reports. The technology is being developed by Stuntronics and supervised by the Disney Research team. Designed to mimic the heroes in Disney films, which increasingly feature superheroes and larger-than-life figures, the robots will be able to leap through the air and perform stunts on their own.

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