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Silicon Beach Report for July 22: Birchbox Runs Customer Service Test on Snapchat

Birchbox runs customers service test on Snapchat, Free Reign Entertainment launches Shattered Skies, and Easypose expands on-demand yoga instruction.

Birchbox Runs Customer Service Test on Snapchat

Beauty product subscription service Birchbox has begun testing Snapchat as a customer service channel, reports DigiDay. The company’s representatives used Snapchat’s calling feature to talk with customers and potential customers about its subscription service.

Free Reign Entertainment Launches Shattered Skies

Free Reign Entertainment has launched its PC game Shattered Skies, multiplayer first-person shooter game, according to a press release. The game is available for a single, one-time purchase with zero micro transactions, season passes, or paid expansions.

Easypose Expands On-Demand Yoga Instruction

The Easypose app, which allows people to book a certified yoga teacher in their home, has expanded its services outside Southern California. The Universal City company is now offering its service to San Francisco Bay Area and New York metropolitan area.

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