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Healthy Web Link

After running his own company for 25 years, Carl Kravetz quit to concentrate on his biggest business asset – his wife.

Kravetz, co-founder of Hispanic ad agency Cruz/Kravetz: Ideas in Burbank, is married to Dr. Aliza Lipshitz, better known as “Doctora Aliza,” a health expert who appears regularly on Univision’s TV and radio shows.

The couple’s new venture is VidaySalud.com, a Web site that offers culturally sensitive health advice to Spanish speakers. (The site’s name translates as Life and Health.)

“I’m married to this extraordinary woman who is the Dr. Gupta of the Hispanic market. I wanted to do something with Aliza,” said Kravetz, who sold his agency to several employees.

The site follows the WebMD.com formula with a focus on advice articles. VidaySalud’s articles are written in Spanish by Lipschitz with help from collaborators. Topics range from detailed explanations of diabetes drugs to an analysis of health care reform legislation in Congress to how to prepare traditional Latino foods with less fat.

VidaySalud also fulfilled Kravetz’s goal of building a company with tangible assets rather than an agency that sells services for a fee, but his advertising experience has proved invaluable.

The site, which launched in June, has delivered more than 1 million page views and boasts major advertisers, such as Proctor & Gamble and General Mills. Kravetz is projecting the business will break even in March.

“We have visited a lot of ad agencies,” he said, “and it seems there is at least one Doctora Aliza fan wherever we go.”

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