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EVgo and Amazon Partner

EVgo Inc. is partnering with Amazon to support Alexa-enabled eclectic vehicle charging. The collaboration, announced last week, will allow drivers to ask Alexa to help them find and navigate to nearby EV charging stations, as well as initiate and pay for charging sessions at EVgo stations. Financials of the agreement were not disclosed.

The companies plan to roll out the in-vehicle functionality to Alexa-enabled vehicles, as well as automotive accessories such as Echo Auto, later this year.

“We want Alexa to be useful for customers in their everyday lives, and EV charging is a great example of a task that can be simplified and made more convenient through the power of AI,” Anes Hodžić, vice president of Amazon Smart Vehicles, said in a statement.

“By partnering with EVgo, we’re bringing Alexa’s AI and multi-modal experiences to improve the EV charging experience for drivers and streamline the process of locating, initiating and paying for a charging session.”

Amazon’s Alexa-enabled EV charging ability is designed to leverage PlugShare, an EV-focused map.

Amazon customers can access more than 150,000 U.S.-based public charging stations listed on PlugShare. With EVgo Inside integration, customers can also register a new EVgo account, locate EVgo charging stations, initiate a charging session, and complete payment within their Alexa app.

The company stated that customers using the Evgo app will also be able to view real-time charger availability and view session and billing information.

“EVgo and Amazon’s shared principles of being customer-centric and committed to a sustainable future make innovative experiences like voice-initiated charging possible,” Cathy Zoi, chief executive at Evgo, said in a release.


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