Vernon Power: EV Charging Center Opens

Vernon Power: EV Charging Center Opens
Axis IOS partner Joe Killefer.

Axis IOS, an Atlanta-based real estate investment firm, has opened a charging facility in Vernon for operators of electric vehicle fleets.

The charging station, which opened last month, cost about $7 million to build out. The site is designed for fleet clients that are operating medium-duty and light-duty vehicles in the Los Angeles area and features enough space for 42 vehicles; it is not designed for 18-wheelers. 

The 27,000-square-foot site is located about a half-mile from the Interstate 710 Freeway, a major freight corridor coming out of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It contains 16 fast-charging stalls that can fully charge a vehicle in about 30 minutes and 26 Level 2 charging stalls capable of charging vehicles in a couple hours. 

Axis IOS recently signed up its first tenant for the charging facility, Moxion Power, a Richmond-based company that makes zero-emission generators and off-road equipment for industrial and commercial purposes.  Neither the financial terms of the lease nor its length was disclosed.

“Many fleets in California have ambitious ESG goals and ZEV compliance requirements,” Joe Killefer, a partner with Axis IOS, said in the announcement. “However, they grapple with the cost, delays, siting and power-procurement challenges associated with charging infrastructure. Our Vernon site provides a solution, enabling swift deployment of electric vehicles.” 

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