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City of Pasadena Signs $4M, 10-Year Contract With Tiba Parking

The City of Pasadena’s antiquated, analog public parking system is getting a makeover thanks to a deal with Ohio-based Tiba Parking.

Tiba announced March 8 it signed a $4 million, 10-year contract with the city to implement a “comprehensive parking technology package” for upwards of 58 lanes in eight of Pasadena’s city-owned public garages.

The software to be deployed in the eight garages includes license plate recognition, mobile payment and electronic access.

The license plate recognition will scan the plates of cars to automatically track entrance and exit times. Customers will also be able to log into an online portal and electronically validate parking and calculate balances.

“We’re excited to upgrade our technology and improve the experience for people entering our garages – it’s long overdue, some of the tech in our garages is over 18 years old,” said John Hamblen, parking manager for the City of Pasadena.

According to Hamblen, the first two years of the contract cover purchase and initial warranty for the technology, and the remaining eight years are for its extended maintenance.

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