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MBA Graduates See Compensation Increases and Job Promotions Throughout 2019
Earlier this month, the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) shared results of the 2019 EMBAC Student Exit Survey which revealed that Executive MBA (EMBA) graduates received a 13.5% increase in compensation… Read More

USC’s Master of Studies in Law: Legal Knowledge to Inform Business Professionals, Improve Practice
In 2016, USC Gould, ranked among the top 20 law schools nationwide, launched its innovative Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree, which enables practitioners and leaders to enhance their business expertise with essential legal education… Read More

Degree Programs for All Stages of Life at University of La Verne
For 127 years, University of La Verne has been a leader in Southern California education, working with a wide variety of students to provide bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees… Read More

Questions Answered About the College of Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona
Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the College of Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona – answered directly by the school… Read More

Survey Results Show More People are Applying for Executive MBA Programs
The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) announced earlier this year the results of its 2019 EMBAC Membership Program Survey, which revealed more people are applying for Executive MBA (EMBA) programs than ever before… Read More

Why Do Students Like Online Learning?
Why do students flock to the online learning environment? With over 4 million students are enrolled in online schools and universities (and that number is growing 30% per year), there are many compelling arguments for attending a cyber classroom… Read More