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Raising the Roof While Partying

It’s quite a space atop the AT&T Center in downtown Los Angeles – a big glass box with a couple of floors that offer commanding views that stretch from the ocean to the mountains.

But owner LBA Realty LLC of Irvine has been trying to find a tenant for the luxury suite space since Windows Steaks & Martinis closed in July 2007. In the meantime, the two top floors of 1150 S. Olive St. have occasionally served as the site of conferences and even weddings. A high school is negotiating to book the space for its prom.

In fact, it’s earning a reputation as a choice venue for event planners.

“People were definitely stunned by the panoramic view,” said Jennifer Dryden, a board member for the local chapter of CoreNet, a professional association for real estate professionals and executives that staged a panel discussion there in November.

Jeff Badertscher, an L.A. based-vice president for LBA, said the party could soon be over. While it is happy for the buzz from the special events, the company wants to find long-term tenants for the space.

“We’re pleased with the activity we’re getting and the positive feedback we’re getting,” he said. “But it is interim.”

Nevertheless, LBA has 10 bookings for this year, including award show parties, corporate events and weddings.

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