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Porter Ranch: Worst Yet to Come?

The situation at Porter Ranch could get worse. In addition to plugging its natural gas leak, Southern California Gas Co. is also trying to avoid a blowout, which is now a significant concern, the Los Angeles Times reports. If a blowout occurs, highly flammable gas would vent directly up through the well, rather than dissipate.

No Breakthrough in Port Labor Talks

Contract negotiations for unionized harbor-area clerical workers continued late Wednesday after rumors of an imminent breakthrough in talks with shippers and terminal operators dissipated.

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The short answer is yes, but it’s not a straight path to the goal. The modern family structure continues to evolve from the Leave It To Beaver days to a more complex version of the Brady Bunch, with blended families made up of stepsiblings, half-siblings, and exes from multiple marriages and non-marital relationships.

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