Impulse Relocates to Redondo Beach

Impulse Relocates to Redondo Beach
Impulse employees adjust equipment.

Impulse Space Inc. has relocated its headquarters to Redondo Beach from El Segundo.

The aerospace company said that the move would increase its manufacturing and office space size to address the growth in its business.

Chief operating officer Barry Matsumori said that the company had anticipated the need for larger space to accommodate the equipment needed to support the integrated manufacturing line that it has developed.

“This facility will support production capabilities ranging from development, build and test of propulsion systems, avionics development and production, and composite tank production and testing as elements of what will be done in the facility,” Matsumori said in a statement.

As the company continues to prepare for its first orbital mission, LEO Express-1, later this year, the transition to its new headquarters lays the groundwork for future successful missions, according to the company.

At 60,000 square feet, Impulse Space’s new headquarters will accommodate expanding its team. The larger space and additional hires will bring more jobs to Redondo Beach and surrounding communities, the release added.

In January, Impulse announced the LEO Express-1 mission. It will be launched aboard a Space X Falcon 9 rocket as part of that Hawthorne-based company’s Transporter-9 mission scheduled fourth-quarter launch.

Utilizing Mira, Impulse’s first orbital service vehicle, the mission will perform in-space services, including last-mile orbital payload delivery, payload hosting, very low altitude maneuvers and controlled atmospheric re-entry.

Tom Mueller, founder and chief executive of Impulse, said that his team was thrilled to announce its first mission and the implications it brings to affordable space access.

“Impulse’s LEO Express missions will provide the industry with a reliable, rapid and consistent service for precisely delivering payloads to custom orbits in low earth orbit,” Mueller said in a statement.

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