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Hoping for Uniform Appeal

Patrick DiLascia never liked wearing jeans.

So last year when he started thinking about creating his own clothing line, something else came to mind.

It was DiLascia’s Bakery, the pie and cake company his family owned and operated for nearly six decades in the upstate New York town of Binghamton. More specifically, he focused on the sturdy twill uniforms its employees wore until the place closed in 1996.

“I was trying to think of a logo and a look and realized that I already had it,” said DiLascia, 30, who worked at the bakery in high school and has long wanted his own clothing brand.

The result is DiLascia’s Bakery, his company and apron-inspired “denim alternative” line of men’s pants, shorts, woven shirts and T-shirts. Introduced in February, the clothing line has been an immediate success.

The entrepreneur, who is based at a showroom in the Cooper Building in downtown L.A.’s Fashion District, has managed to land the line in 50 U.S. boutiques, as well as in Japan, England and Canada. In Greater Los Angeles, the clothing is available at Lisa Kline, Sy Devore, Live on Sunset and Planet Funk.

Danny Marsh, owner of Studio City boutique Sy Devore, said the clothing line – packaged, appropriately enough, in circa-1940s pie boxes – is selling well.

“It’s the marketing behind it,” he said. “Outside of being a soft fabric with a very cool fit, it’s just a very interesting presentation.”

And while the target buyer is a man 18 to 35 looking for a denim alternative, Marsh said the line has shown wider appeal.

“It’s a little younger and more aggressive fit, though one client who’s 66 bought the pants in four colors because he loved the way they felt,” he said.

DiLascia won’t release sales figures, but said they’re twice what they were when he started. He also said his company, which only employs one designer and one salesperson, has been profitable from the very first day.

And what does his 77-year-old father, the original baker, think of the new line?

“When I told him the concept he thought I was crazy,” DiLascia recalled. “Then I took him to a photo shoot we had at an Italian bakery in New York and he got very excited.”

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