Atllas Wants Agents To Keep Commissions

Atllas Wants Agents To Keep Commissions

Behind one of Los Angeles’ growing proptech companies is 25-year-old Neema Bardi, a recent graduate of the University of Southern California and former real estate broker associate at Rodeo Realty Inc. 

Founded only two years ago, Atllas Inc. is a technology-based brokerage that allows residential real estate agents to pay a monthly service fee in return for keeping 100% of their commissions. As a result, the firm says its agents have reported 30% higher incomes and a 150% increase in efficiencies.

“Our whole mission here at Atllas is to empower real estate through technology and through innovative business models,” said Bardi, who created the company out of spite for the traditional split system. 

“We let real estate agents keep all of their commission; instead, we just charge an annual fee,” he added.

Neema Bardi

In addition to its brokerage community, Atllas’ portal provides proprietary tools and technology services for agents who are looking for modernized efficiency. The firm utilizes AI and various scraping tools to digitize all parts of the homebuying process, such as searching for homes, automating client follow-ups and running social media advertisements.

“Everything has been thought out so precisely because I wanted to make it as easy as possible for real estate agents to run their business through this,” Bardi said. “It’s all automated with software.”

Firm is attracting agents nationwide

Since its inception, the Beverly Hills-based platform has attracted more than 10,000 agents from all over the country who have subscriptions in three varied tiers – ranging from free, premium, billed at $249 annually, and platinum, which starts at $5,000 a year.

Agents from other brokerages can join through either the free or premium models with partial access to the tech suite only, while agents who apply for the platinum membership become part of the Atllas brokerage and have full access to all products, tools and management support. The layered structure allows agents to control their earnings and brands.

“My vision is in 10 years’ time to have Atllas technology involved in every real estate transaction in the world,” Bardi said. “Not only do we want to transform brokerages, but I see a point in time where people can sell their houses within five or six hours. And I think it’s going to take time until we get there, but the first step is literally just digitizing the whole experience.”

Although Atllas’ technology and advisory services are available to agents nationwide, its brokerage is currently available in California only, with plans to launch in Florida later this year.

“The fact that we’re young plays a big factor in how we’re using and digitizing this industry and moving the industry forward,” Bardi said. 

“We don’t want to be just another brokerage. We want to be more an Amazon of real estate,” he added.

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