Listing Impossible’s Aaron Kirman Talks About How Covid Changed LA Real Estate

Listing Impossible’s Aaron Kirman Talks About How Covid Changed LA Real Estate
Kirman sold a home at 281 Bentley Circle in Bel Air for $45 million.

 Aaron Kirman
2020 L.A. Sales Volume:
$661 million

2020 L.A. Sales: 250
Team: 125 people

Residential real estate agent Aaron Kirman is one of the top agents in Los Angeles. In 2020 alone, he logged $661 million worth of sales in L.A. County.

Kirman this spring launched an interface powered by artificial intelligence aimed at making it easier to sell properties by matching buyers with homes listed for sale. The AI will eventually be used by his entire team.
Kirman is also a cast member on CNBC’s “Listing Impossible.”

What has 2021 been like for you thus far?
Sales have been great. We’re hitting about $700 million already which is huge. … The market is on fire but softening a little bit. It’s still very, very, very strong. Inventory has been very low, and there are more buyers than there are sellers in a lot of price points.

What features are buyers looking for?

Covid changed our marketplace. People are still looking for prime Beverly Hills and Bel Air locations, but people now want big lots, people want more privacy, people are tending to gravitate toward bigger houses again because they are living and working from home. The suburbs are hot, and other states are hot.

You launched a new AI-powered interface aimed at making it easier to sell properties. How has that been going?
It’s amazing. We are still working on it and expanding it and continuing to build. It’s been a very fun project. What we’re doing is really important and has been amazingly helpful in selling properties. Through AI, we’ve been able to target and brand. It’s been a game-changer for us.

You lead a roughly 125-person team. What is it like working with such a large group?
I love it. I’ve been selling real estate since I was 17, and the real estate business can be a little lonely if you are independent and alone, and I love having a team. As a team, we are killing it. We are doing a lot of big sales. … The collaboration and spirit is great. … I get to work with some of the greats in the industry.

What sets you apart from other agents?

I do have such a large team, so I get the intelligence of 125 people, and I think our AI division is world class and second to none. … That gives us intelligence that other agents just don’t have. A lot of agents do a lot of the same things packaged differently. My mission was to do something different and stand out from the crowd. … We’ve taken a different approach with bringing our inventory to buyers through our 125-person team, and through AI and by the sheer volume of sales that we do, we’re close to, we’ll be at $1 billion this year.

You’re on CNBC’s “Listing Impossible.” Does that help you as an agent?
Most of the television broker celebrities that you see got raised with TV, so their businesses were surrounded by TV. I already had an established business and started doing TV later in the game. It’s been helpful in some respects but in other aspects, the time and energy, are tremendous. … We’re doing a lot of different things on our team, we have Kirman Capital and Kirman Development … and the show helps with these things.

What does the rest of the year look like?

I think it’s going to be good. The market is strong, and it’s going to stay strong, but it’s going to level off but stay solid. We’re on a really big growth pattern growing our team and our luxury presence and using some of the new innovative things we’ve created.

— Hannah Madans

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