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48) Tom Werner (arrow up)

Age: 50

Residence: Brentwood

Source of Wealth: Television production

Net Worth: $575 million

Last Year’s Rank: Not ranked

Background: Graduated from Harvard in 1971. Began career in TV as documentary producer. Joined ABC as development executive in 1973 and met Marcy Carsey. Succeeded her in 1980 as senior vice president of prime-time series when she left to become an independent producer. A year later, they formed their own production company, Carsey-Werner Co. Forte is situation comedy. In addition to “The Cosby Show,” sitcom hits include “Roseanne,” “A Different World,” “Grace Under Fire,” “3rd Rock from the Sun,” and “That 70s Show.” “The Cosby Show” alone is worth more than $1 billion in syndication.

Money Track: An avid baseball fan, Werner and nine partners bought the San Diego Padres in 1990 for $75 million. Owns 50 percent of Carsey-Werner. Forbes estimated private company’s revenues at $1.64 billion. Unlike most Hollywood companies, Carsey-Werner is debt-free.

Buzz: Known as quiet, thoughtful, never a major part of Hollywood scene. Father of three. Drives unassuming cars, like a beat-up Jaguar that’s filled with old magazines. Another favorite is a Toyota Landcruiser. “He’d prefer spending his Thursday nights watching a ballgame on TV than going to the Emmys,” said a longtime friend. “You don’t see him shopping at Gucci or wearing Giorgio (Armani) He’s one of the most unpretentious men you’ll ever meet.” Very good with post production and network relations. Also considered a superb text editor who knows where a script stumbles.

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