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Spirit Moves Actress Into Business

A broken relationship and a message from God provided the inspiration for a new fashion business called Bible LA Clothing Co.

Sabrina Machado, a West Hollywood actress, model and aspiring businesswoman, had been raised Christian but started studying Judaism when she fell in love with, and became engaged to, a Jewish man from Israel. When that relationship ended, Machado found herself at an emotional and spiritual crossroads. That’s when, she said, divine intervention took over.

“God put it in my heart to create a high-end fashion line that would send messages of wisdom and inspiration,” she said.

Machado, 32, has just launched a range of $50 T-shirts and $150 hoodies with either the face of Christ or the word “Bible” on the front and inspirational quotes such as “Humility Is Key” on the back.

Following a soft launch at a celebrity gifting suite in February, she is selling the locally manufactured clothing online through her ShopBibleLA.com website and is looking for retail chains to carry it.

“I studied business at Santa Monica College and saw my years working as a model for some of the biggest companies in the world as an extension of that education because it gave me a lot of branding and marketing insight,” said Brazil-born Machado. “All the inspiration I’ll ever need is in the Bible and I’m confident of success because faith can move mountains.”

– Sandro Monetti 

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