The Money Book: Dunson K. Cheng

The Money Book: Dunson K. Cheng

Cathay General Bancorp, Cathay Bank

Executive Chairman

Years with firm: 34

Dunson Cheng served as chairman and chief executive of Cathay General Bancorp and chief executive of Cathay Bank from 1994 until 2016, when he retired from those roles and was named executive chairman. Cheng joined Cathay Bank in 1982 and was president of Cathay Bank from 1985 to 2015. He serves on the boards of DiCon Fiberoptics Inc., Tsinghua Education Foundation Inc., and Ascencia. He holds a PhD in physics.

Industry specialization: Commercial real estate and commercial and industrial loans, international banking, trade finance.

Deal value range: Up to $50 million.

Recent transactions: Provided $111 million senior syndicated facility to a cosmetic manufacturer-distributor with a combination of ABL revolving facility, equipment term loan facility, operating system improvement term loan facility, liquidity advantage facility, and sweep operation facility; $58 million syndicated refinance to revitalize a shopping mall; $55 million syndicated construction financing of a 180-unit mixed-use project; $40 million line of credit to furniture importer to finance accounts receivable and inventory as well as $17 million financing for its owner-occupied warehouse.

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