The Money Book: Don Hankey

The Money Book: Don Hankey

Hankey Group

Chairman, Chief Executive

Years with firm: 39

Assets under management: $6.4 billion

Don Hankey is chairman and primary stockholder of all Hankey Investment-controlled entities, including Westlake Financial Services. He founded Westlake Financial Services in 1978 to serve potential auto buyers with less than ideal credit. Westlake has grown to become a leader in the subprime automotive finance market. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hankey completed his BA and postgraduate work at USC. He rose to vice president of a major investment banking firm by age 27 that would later become part of UBS Paine Webber. With a family history in the automobile business, Hankey acquired Midway Ford in 1972. Business grew in the 1980s as several more dealerships were added to his portfolio. He founded six of the seven operating companies in the Hankey Group, including Westlake Financial and Hankey Investment Co.

Industry specialty: Automotive financing.

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