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Mama Lion’s Celeb Scene; TAG, You’re It

No shortage of places big and small where art and business intersect around L.A., including Mama Lion Supper Club, a Koreatown hookah lounge that serves up food, drink and the occasional celebrity in the making at 6th & Western. That was the case last week, when Bobby Choy hung out with the crowd for a screening of his new movie, a biopic titled Fiction & Other Realities. Choy also goes by Big Phony, a name that fans of his music will recognize. Others might know him from the web series and feature film Ktown Cowboys, which helped put the neighborhood on the map as a hotspot for cuisine and clubbing … Here’s a business angle on the exhibit of David Hockney’s work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, titled “82 Portraits and 1 Still Life.” It’s remarkable stuff that presents Hockney’s inimitable sense of color and penetrating perception of the human condition in a combination that pleases and challenges all at once. About half of the subjects are male – and here comes the business perspective: only three of the men wore a suit for their sessions … Here’s an L.A. business angle on London Breed’s July 11 inauguration as the first African-American woman to be elected mayor of San Francisco. David Welch, head of downtown-based DRWelch Attorneys at Law, says client Victoria Cassinova received a commission from none other than San Francisco living legend Willie Brown to paint this portrait of Breed, who received it as a gift during the inaugural reception … El Segundo-based Wolf & Shepherd will bring its artistic sense of shoemaking to Westfield Century City, where the heretofore direct-to-consumer brand plans to open its first physical retail location on August 14, promising “Italian leather dress shoes with running shoe technology” … Maestro Carlo Ponti combines the Italian flare and artistic influences of his mother, actress Sophia Loren, and father, producer Carlo Ponti, Sr. The talent for drama and skills for production go on display when the younger Ponti steps into his role as conductor of the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra, a non-profit that pursues a mission of support and advocacy for music education, with an emphasis on public schools in the area. Visit lavirtuosi.org for more on Ponti, the orchestra, its supporters in the community of business, and the work it does with young students who might otherwise miss out on the chance for any musical training …. Give Patrick Soon-Shiong credit for an artful start as boss of the L.A. Times, where a July 12 “Farewell to Times Mirror Square” party brought current and former newsroom staff together – and a general sense that “we are optimists,” according to one reveler who took notes. Not the traditional default position for Times staffers lately, but “veteran alumni joyfully noted more confidence in the paper and its great mission than has been seen…in over a decade,” the proudly ink-stained wretch reported … Sullivan Says: The Artists Gallery – or TAG – keeps it real at 5458 Wilshire.

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