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LA 500: Carl Dickerson

Carl Dickerson

Chairman, Dickerson Insurance Services

Carl Dickerson is the chairman and founder of Dickerson Insurance Services, which he started in 1965. He was a teacher and educator for four years at UC San Francisco and West Philadelphia High School. He is an advisory board member for Acorns Micro-Investing App.

Enjoy most: I am able to meet and work with new and interesting people all the time.

Toughest challenge: Recognizing the importance of having a good balance between my personal and business life.

Proudest moment: My marriage, my two daughters, and starting my own insurance company.

Best advice: No management without measurement; read a good business book at least once a month; Match the right people with the right task; honesty and integrity in all things.

Most excited: How intellect, with the help of technology, can make a small business equally competitive with much larger firms.

Fun fact: I have shaken hands with three U.S. presidents and two foreign heads of state.

Alma Mater: Bachelor’s, Lincoln University.

Bucket list: Visiting the Nubian Meroë Pyramids in Sudan.

Beverage: Arnold Palmer.

Hobby/passion: History, boxing, Town Hall Los Angeles, and creative writing.


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