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Fashion In Tune With Rock Icon

Rock star Janis Joplin was famous in the 1960s for her blues belting and drug troubles, but she was also a fashion icon and her signature bangles, boas and bell bottoms still resonate today.

So her heirs are launching a luxury clothing line inspired by her distinctive style. Their L.A. company, Made for Pearl launched last year and will debut its collection in March.

Malyn Joplin, president of Made for Pearl and Janis Joplin’s niece, said her aunt deserves the tribute.

“It was kind of a collective idea on a new way to celebrate Janis and her legacy that she has left not just on the music world and have a new generation rediscover her,” she said.

The line is named Pearl because it was the singer’s nickname and the title of the album she was recording when she died of a drug overdose at a Hollywood hotel. Prices range from $300 for jewelry pieces, $395 for high-waisted velvet bell-bottom pants, $1,500 for leather jackets and as much as $2,000 for handbags.

The singer’s fashion pioneering – her clothes were even featured in Vogue back in the day – had a lasting impact.

“I feel like ‘bohemian’ has been trending every year for the longest time,” Malyn Joplin said. “It’s almost not a trend anymore. It’s just a style. So I’m not really worried that it’s ever going to go out of style.”

The company has a staff of four, and the products

are designed and produced in Los Angeles with materials from the United States and Italy. Joplin added that the company also plans to use locally sourced mater-ials and artisans as much as possible.

The Made for Pearl preview collection is now available online at the company’s website as well as boutique stores throughout Southern California.

New items will be added to the collection each spring and fall, and Joplin said old photos of Janis showcasing her eclectic style will serve as inspiration.

“We almost have too many ideas,” she said. “The great thing about Janis is that she didn’t have one specific kind of style. She just wasn’t afraid to do anything so the limitations are really not there.”

– Subrina Hudson

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