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Daqri CEO Mullins Exits AR Developer

Downtown augmented reality developer and headset manufacturer Daqri’s founder Brian Mullins has resigned as chief executive, the company said last week. Mullins has been replaced in the top spot by Roy Ashok, previously the firm’s chief product officer and director of product development for the augmented reality business unit of Qualcomm of San Diego. Daqri designs and manufactures industrial hardhats with retractable augmented reality lenses that allow workers to view 3-D images overlaid onto equipment to help them with repair and assessments. The company also develops augmented reality software. Mullins will remain as an adviser to the company and will continue to sit on its board of directors, the company said. Daqri has raised more than $275 million since it was founded by Mullins in 2010.

– Garrett Reim

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