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Growth is good

Why is the California Country Club Homes Association of Cheviot Hills, Track No. 7260, interfering with the plan to construct at 38-story highrise building on Constellation Boulevard? (“Residents fight Century City high-rise plan,” Dec. 9).

Why do these retired long-time homeowners of Cheviot Hills forget that the increase in their property value came directly from Century City’s well organized plan which began back in 1958? Why don’t they realize that all the residents of L.A. depend on Century City’s economic growth? Furthermore, they do not even reside in Century City. I do.

The answer is: Their only activity in life is to threaten economic growth. First, it was 20th Century Fox’s expansion.

These same homeowner associations filed a lawsuit in 1992 to stop Fox’s expansion. The City of Los Angeles’ Superior Court Judge Robert O’Brien dismissed it entirely. This was one of a string of lawsuits that were filed without merit.

Century City’s master plan has always envisioned office space with sensitivity to pathways, bridges and traffic flow.

Twentieth Century Fox Studio has not disrupted the 16 major intersections. Fortunately, when Fox decided to expand, we had Zev Yaroslavsky as a Los Angeles City Councilman. Yaroslavsky recognized Fox’s 60 years of being a major economic and cultural part of the city.

Now, our Fifth District is represented by Councilman Michael Feuer who seems to share the narrow-minded agendas of the homeowners of Cheviot Hills. Feuer does not comprehend the economic reality of growth. The proposed office complex he opposes would greatly enhance Century City.

The essay by Business Journal Editor Mark Lacter, “Why growth is good” (Jan. 6) pointed out that the Economic Development Corp. has forecast a 2.4 percent increase in job growth for Los Angeles.

If this prediction has any merit, perhaps Feuer should add the words “L.A. needs economic growth” during his meetings with leaders from the California Country Club Homes of Cheviot Hills Association and other homeowner groups.

These groups are actively attempting to defeat any proposals for growth on the Westside despite the fact that the six-acre office complex would be a multi-million dollar opportunity for our city in job creation, tax revenue generation, and property value enhancement. No one wants tee-shirt vendor carts sitting on the corner of Constellation and Century Park West, Mr. Feuer.

Century City is a superb location. In 1981 Fox Plaza was built along with the Marriott. It was an excellent decision. Then and now, these homeowner groups in question consistently refuse to listen to constructive discussions.

Carole Wade


Century City

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