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Tough Neighborhood

Robert Bisno has just put his 16,800-square-foot North Beverly Park manse on the market. Asking price: $29.5 million, which would be one of the top sale prices ever in Los Angeles.

No extra charge for the opulent black wrought-iron gates that neighbors think would be better suited for a Las Vegas hotel. Nor for the sculpture of what appears to be a woman with her legs in the air that some neighbors see as vulgar.

However, the legal battle over those features could jam up any sale. That’s because the North Beverly Park Homeowners Association recently sued Bisno in Los Angeles Superior Court to recover an estimated $435,000 in attorney’s fees and court costs spent over a five-year effort to get Bisno to take down the gates and remove the sculpture.

An attorney for the homeowners association declined to comment on the suit, and Bisno said he wasn’t sure about the impact it could have on his property sale.

Bisno, founder of Bisno Development Co., had lost an appeal that would’ve allowed him to keep the disputed architectural features, but has filed another one. He said the most recent suit violates an agreement with the association that the legal fees would not be collected pending the latest appeal.

“It appears as if they have hired a new lawyer, and he is not happy with the agreement reached by the previous lawyer,” Bisno said.

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