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The Roving Eye

Yeehaw! Cowboy boots are back, but they don’t look like anything your daddy wore.

These are hip cowboy boots in shocking pinks with python skin, bright aquamarines with faux zebra skin, or bright reds with fake pony skin stitched up the side.

The toes are more square and the heels are stacked so high that no self-respecting cowgirl who knows a plug about horses would be caught dead in them.

“The cowboy boot is having its heyday again, but it is a much more modern, sleek silhouette. It’s not your old stomping boot,” said Jeanne Yang, a stylist with the Cloutier Agency in Santa Monica.

The return of cowboy boots, which are selling for $100 to $300 a pair, is right in step with the revival of denim being seen in everything from Bill Blass evening gowns to jackets and skirts.

The revival began last spring and fall when shoe manufacturers like Charles David introduced a revamped boot. But it didn’t really catch on with the masses until this year. “It was slow to pick up with the public,” Yang said.

While Charles David has gone with a more sophisticated-looking cowboy boot, most of the new offerings out there are highly colorful and embellished with bright beading, embroidered flowers, unusual stitching and even leather fringe.

“These cowboy boots are a way to dress things up. You can almost wear them with anything,” said Marcela Washington, a stylist with the Fred Segal Agency in Beverly Hills. “I think people are always looking for new ways to accessorize.”

Will square dancing be next?

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