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Redpoint Ventures

Brentwood Venture Capital became two separate companies last October, Redpoint Ventures and Palladium Venture Capital.

Redpoint Ventures specializes in everything Internet-related, including infrastructure, software and e-commerce, while Palladium Venture Capital focuses on health care. Brentwood still exists as a partnership overseeing these two funds.

According to Redpoint’s managing director, Brad Jones, much of its capital derives from university endowment funds from such schools as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Stanford and the UC system. Its three biggest investments in 1999 went to the following companies: Nexgenix, a consultancy for e-commerce firms based in Irvine that got $20 million; Multilink Technology Corp., a Santa Monica company that makes telecommunications components and received $15 million; and CIM Vision International, another telecommunications component firm based in Long Beach that got $14 million.

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