Chronology of Tele-TV

Oct. 31, 1994: Michael Ovitz, former chief of Creative Artists Agency, helps put together a joint venture between Pacific Telesis, Bell Atlantic and Nynex called Tele-TV, which will develop technology and create programming for a new television service.

Feb. 23, 1995: Howard Stringer, former president of CBS Broadcast Group, is named CEO of Tele-TV. Stringer hires Fox Entertainment Group President Sandy Grushow two months later to help develop programming.

March 6, 1996: Tele-TV signs a $1 billion deal with Thomson Consumer Electronics, which agrees to produce 3 million boxes capable of receiving digital MMDS broadcasts.

April 1, 1996: SBC Communications agrees to acquire Pacific Telesis.

April 21, 1996: Bell Atlantic and Nynex agree to merge.

Dec. 16, 1996: The Wall Street Journal reports that Tele-TV is on the verge of folding. Company officials deny the report, but Stringer and Grushow will both be gone within four months.

Spring 1997: PacTel plans to launch its digital MMDS service in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

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