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South Beverly Park Gains Access in Dispute

In the ongoing battle of the Beverly Park estates, South Beverly Park claimed victory after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled on Tuesday that the guests and invitees of the exclusive community may enter through the gates of neighboring North Beverly.

Residents of the gated Beverly Park community which is nestled between Beverly Hills and Mulholland Drive began fighting when the northerners ended 20 years of neighborly relations and started restricting access through their community.

When the visitors, gardeners, construction crews and nannies of those who live in the sprawling mansions of South Beverly Park tried to gain access from North Beverly Park’s gate at Mulholland Drive, they were forced to take a seven-mile detour along the winding and often narrow streets of Coldwater Canyon Drive or Benedict Canyon Drive.

The fight pitted North Beverly Park residents, including media barons Sumner Redstone and Haim Saban and aviation titan Steven Udvar-Hazy, against South Beverly Park residents, including basketball star Earvin “Magic” Johnson and producer Richard Zanuck.

Residents of the north have argued that their southern neighbors refused to pay for maintenance of the private streets, and claimed that the service guests and staff often drove too fast and entered the community with no intention of stopping at the homes in the south, instead using it as a shortcut for commuting.

However, the southern residents claimed that they were not required to pay for upkeep, and argued that the homeowners association’s rules allowed them, and their guests and invitees, access through North Beverly Park’s gates.

Steven Goldberg, an attorney representing the residents of South Beverly Park, said his clients are glad to see the dispute end.

“My clients, after all this time, they are very pleased,” Goldberg said. “It’s been a long time coming. Their position has been vindicated.”

Jeff Huron, an attorney representing the residents of North Beverly Park, did not immediately return a request for comment. But, Huron’s clients have 15 days to object to the ruling handed down by Superior Court Judge Norman Tarle.

If the decision isn’t contested, Goldberg said that his clients will be asking for compensatory and punitive damages, both of which could separately hit seven-figure sums.

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