Steven L. Soboroff

Soboroff Partners

Age: 48

Specialty: Retail real estate consulting

Recent Deal: 24 Orchard Supply Hardware deals in L.A. area over last two years

Steven L. Soboroff’s easy-going style provides a contrast to the workaholic philosophy of many of his colleagues in the real estate business.

“The less I work at the office, the more the office seems to make,” quips the managing partner of Soboroff Partners, one of L.A.’s top 20 commercial real estate brokerages. “You can get a hell of a lot done before 5:30 p.m.”

Even Soboroff’s r & #233;sum & #233; lists the “‘Home by 5:30’ Rule of Thumb” as a way to ensure he spends time with his wife and family. (He’s been married for 14 years to wife Patti, with whom he has five children, ages 4 to 14.)

But for Soboroff, leaving the office does not necessarily mean his work is done for the day. The 48-year-old Pacific Palisades resident has a variety of other positions outside the Santa Monica offices of Soboroff Partners.

He is not only president of the L.A. Recreation and Parks Commission a commission to which he was appointed by close friend Mayor Richard Riordan but is also a senior advisor to the mayor with an office just down the hall from Riordan’s.

Riordan is complimentary of Soboroff, who he says has no agenda to promote in either the business or political world.

“There’s some element of greed and self-aggrandizement in nearly everyone, but solving problems is clearly at the top of Steve’s list,” Riordan has said of Soboroff, whom he appointed to three different city commissions over the past four years.

Soboroff is chairman of the board of Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles Inc., and sits on the boards of First Federal Bank of California and the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission. He is also vice president of Football L.A., which is working on bringing a National Football League team back to L.A.

At Soboroff Partners, Soboroff does real estate consulting for Orchard Supply Hardware stores, of which he has helped open 24 in the L.A. Area; Circuit City stores, for which he has completed 95 transactions; and Office Depot, Pep Boys and Oshman’s Sporting Goods stores.

The company also expects to help open 10 CarMax Inc. locations throughout Southern California over the next year. Soboroff Partners is working with Circuit City Stores Inc., CarMax’s parent company, to find 20-to-30-acre parcels for the start-up chain of discount used car dealers.

Soboroff whose job history includes a stint as a chauffeur and assistant to actor and big screen tough guy Kirk Douglas holds a master’s degree from the University of Arizona and has lectured at UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC and Cal State Northridge.

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