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SAG, Studios Launch PR Offensives

SAG’s strike threat has kicked off a heated holiday-season spin battle between the guild and the major studios — with each side blaming the other for being greedy during the nation’s financial crisis.

Both sides launched major PR offensives over the Thanksgiving weekend in the battle over the upcoming strike authorization vote, with ballots due to be sent out this month to 120,000 SAG members.

In a letter than went out on Thanksgiving eve, SAG president Alan Rosenberg blasted the corporations for harping on the bad economy. “Like it’s our fault,” he added. “As middle-income actors, we are the victims of corporate greed. We didn’t cause this turmoil.”

Eight Hollywood CEOs fired back angrily on Sunday in an open letter to the entertainment industry, accusing SAG of being elitist and stressing that the majors have closed six other master contracts with the town’s other major labor unions this year (the DGA, WGA, IATSE, casting directors and two with AFTRA). The letter is ran as an ad in the L.A. Times.

“SAG is demanding that the entire industry literally throw out all of its hard work because it believes it deserves more than the 230,000 other working people in the business,” the letter said.

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