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SAG Deal Unlikely Before June 30 Deadline

With the SAG-AFTRA bloodbath in full fury, don’t expect a deal between the Screen Actors Guild and the majors any time soon, Variety reports.

SAG president Alan Rosenberg told Daily Variety that progress at the negotiating table has been elusive at best in recent sessions, and he admitted it’s unlikely that a deal will emerge by the June 30 expiration.

“Our progress has really slowed down ever since AFTRA made its deal,” he said Wednesday, following the 27th bargaining session with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers. Talks will resume this morning.

Rosenberg made his remarks shortly before an evening town hall meeting for members at the Harmony Gold Theater in Los Angeles. The event drew nearly 400 and evoked enthusiastic support for SAG’s stance against the AFTRA ratification, according to one eyewitness.

Rosenberg admitted that asking SAG members for a strike authorization remains an option but said that no definite decision would be made by guild leaders until next week. SAG can’t strike without at least 75% of its members approving via an authorization vote.

“We have not decided to go ahead on a strike authorization, but if we do, we’ll have to fairly soon,” he added, noting that the voting process would take several weeks to complete. “And we can certainly work past the expiration date while we’re still negotiating.”

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