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Right Hairdos

An unassuming salon in Westlake Village is fast becoming the mecca of Republican hairstyles.

The Hair Grove has drawn nationwide attention for designing the hairdos of two of the GOP’s biggest names, vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and first lady hopeful Cindy McCain.

Palin even brought one of the salon’s stylists, Angela Lew, along with her on the campaign trail. Lew, who is on leave from Hair Grove until after the election, received $10,000 for her services in the first half of October, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Since Palin was introduced as Sen. John McCain’s running mate in August, she has gotten attention for her trendy eyeglasses as well as her up-dos and other distinctive hairstyles.

With media including the New York Times and NBC looking into Palin’s apparel and stylists, Hair Grove has sought to avoid the spotlight. Messages left by the Business Journal were not returned, and a receptionist reached by phone said she had been instructed not to talk to the media.

Cindy McCain’s stylist, who’s been identified only as Piper, also works at the salon. McCain reportedly introduced Palin to Hair Grove.

Westlake Village isn’t exactly known as a celebrity hotspot, and at least one competing salon owner was surprised to learn that such noteworthy political figures frequented the area.

“Sure, I’d want (a customer) like that,” said Michelle Shapourmanesh, owner of Michelle’s Hair Salon just a block away from Hair Grove.

This is not the first time this election season that the Southland has played a role in high-profile political hair news. In April of last year, Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards was mocked for paying $400 for a cut by Joseph Torrenueva, a Beverly Hills salon owner.

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