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Now It’s Hollywood’s Turn

Now It’s Hollywood’s Turn

While attention has focused on the proposal to split off the San Fernando Valley from the city of Los Angeles, last week the Local Agency Formation Commission voted to add a Hollywood secession measure on the Nov. 5 ballot. All of which must be confusing to outsiders who still view Hollywood as more of an industry than a place. So the Business Journal asks: Do you think it’s a good idea for Hollywood to secede from Los Angeles?

Ben Wiener

Managing partner

WongDoody Communications

No. I don’t think any of the folks who are proponents of the secession have provided any compelling evidence that it would be beneficial to Hollywood. They argue Hollywood has been ignored by Los Angeles, at the same time ignoring the tremendous amount of development in the area over the past couple of years. Secession has become very fashionable recently, but just because it’s fashionable doesn’t mean it’s good. For every positive story of secession, there’s a lot more that end up with higher taxes and fewer services.

Curt Flood Jr.

Media Executive

Coffin Communications Group

Although I think secession movements are generally misguided, Hollywood was the crown jewel of Los Angeles 50 years ago, and look what’s happened to it now. Maybe Hollywood can do a better job on its own.

Harvey Goldstein

Managing Partner

Singer Lewak Greenbaum & Goldstein LLP

From an economic standpoint, I don’t know what it will mean to either city. From the perspective of a Los Angeles outsider, it doesn’t make a difference, because most people already view many of the communities within Los Angeles as separate anyway. Still, I would hate to see the city break up. I would like to see Los Angeles stay together, including the Valley.

Doug Dowie

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Fleishman-Hillard Inc.

Hollywood is a state of mind, but very much part of the soul of Los Angeles. Losing Hollywood would hurt the city dramatically. The secession brings uncertainty and uncertainty is always an economic detriment.

Kent Handleman

Managing Director


Hollywood should continue to be a part of the City of Los Angeles. The benefits Los Angeles has to offer outweigh those that can be gained by becoming its own municipality. In the long run, the cost and effort in creating a new city infrastructure will most likely not result in a significant improvement of the economics and governance of Hollywood.

Barbara Dab

Communications Director

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor

I think it is a terrible idea for a lot of reasons. I don’t believe in secession in general. I am opposed to it in all areas, not just in Hollywood, but in the Valley and other cities. We have a lot more political and economic clout if we stay together as a city. Basically, I think Los Angeles has a lot more to gain and offer as one big city than a bunch of fragmented, not-so-small cities.


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